About Us

We provide highly trained, thoroughly vetted and deeply caring individuals to provide the assistance, companionship and simple human company that many elderly or disabled people need to live a happy, dignified life in the comfort of their own home.

Majestik Home Care works hard to support everyone we work with, providing peace of mind, dignity and freedom of choice as well as any professional support that may be required.

We are one of the best respected home care agencies operating in Northern Ireland today, and pride ourselves on the outstanding services our Care Team can provide, as well as the joy and comfort they can bring to their clients.

Majestik Home Care is both easy to use and offers a surprisingly affordable alternative to many other social care solutions.

Would you like to know more about how Majestik Home Care can help you find the carers you need? Contact us today!

How Majestik Care Works

Everything starts with a consultation, followed by an assessment by our Registered Manager, who would get to know your situation. We’ll inquire about the prospective service user’s medical and care needs, home situation, personality and what they like or dislike. Then we’ll turn to our industry leading database of trustworthy, thoroughly background checked carers and match you with the best possible candidates.

We know that every home care situation is unique, but we have a great deal of experience in this area, and there is every chance that we’ve handled circumstances similar to yours in the past. No matter how complicated your needs, we’ll be able to help!


How Does Majestik Home Care Find Dependable, High Quality Carers?

Frankly, it isn’t easy. But then, nothing worth doing ever is.

We spend a great deal of effort getting to know our carers at the interview stage, asking if s/he is:

  • Friendly – A Good Listener
  • Approachable – If body Language is good
  • Has caring personality – why you want to work for Majestik Home Care
  • A good communicator – Explains well what they want to say and listen to feedback with acceptance
  • A team Player – Works with the team
  • Has excellent work ethics – does not talk about third parties they used to work for and wants to support Majestik Home Care as the best provider there can be.
  • Has a professional attitude – Professional dress code & positive
  • Pays attention to detail – Follows policy and procedures and is clear and transparent
  • Is willing to learn – Strives to be the best they can be
  • Is enthusiastic – Keen and excited to come to work

Next, we’ll contact you with the personal profiles of the carers we believe to be best suited to provide care for the client. The profiles will note everything each carer brings to the table – personality, background, work history, likes, dislikes and more. We’ll then arrange an interview between yourself (and the client if you are handling things for them) and the carer you select. If you’re both happy to get started based on that interview, we’ll make all the arrangements.

Note that Majestik Care Domiciliary Agency believes strongly in providing equal opportunities for all fully qualified carers, and we introduce people who may come from all walks of life and locations all over the world. We allow no discrimination (on the part of clients or carers) on the grounds of religion, culture, race, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation or any other factor irrelevant to their ability to deliver reliable, high quality in-home care.


Our Mission

We feel it is our mission to help our clients retain their ability to live independently, in comfort and dignity. We strive to help them find the carers that they need to continue living in their own homes and on their own terms.

We are dedicated to remaining flexible about every of our client’s circumstances, needs and home life. We do everything we can to provide effective and transparent administrative support to clients and carers alike.

Our Primary Value

The needs of our service users come first

Our other Values that are Equally Important

  • Teamwork within the organisation with mutual respect
  • Commitment to quality and equality
  • Community involvement through voluntary services

What Our Client’s Say

“Dear Sam and all the girls, I would like to thank you very much for all the help and assistance that was so much appreciated when I broke my shoulder. I am recovering well but will keep you in mind should I have the misfortune to need any further help. With warm regards,”

Mrs M. C

“… The daughter in law of Mr & Mrs M, phoned me this morning to say the Carers from Majestik Home Care are great. They are extremely helpful and not rushing out the door which was their experience previously. Thanks.”

E Mullan (Social Work Practitioner, Community Discharge Service, Belfast Trust)

“Just wanted to thank one of your Carers – Sarah, for helping mum at Am call instead of leaving due to James not being there. Sarah stayed and cleaned the bathroom as James had been unwell in the bathroom before paramedics took him to hospital. Majestik Home Care staff go above and beyond.”

Ruth (Mr JA's daughter)

What our Carer’s say

“Thank u Sam, but a great team don’t work without a great boss and fantastic help 24/7… You have got this and it’s a pleasure to work for u al… Well done Sam…”

Jacqueline M - Care Team

“The staff in the office r also amazing and so nice to work for… it’s a pleasure… and I’m so thankful that they give me the opportunity…”

Sarah M - Care Team

” Someone asked me this morning how was I getting on in my new job. I was like OMG I luv it and am just saying that like it’s great.. so proud to be working here…”

Lynsey H - Care Team

“It really is … love … I’m really loving doing this job… it’s really rewarding seeing their wee faces wen u do things for them… and all the wee clients on the run r lovely people.”

Sarah M - Care Team

“I’ve said that from day one it’s so rewarding… it’s good to know we can help them … We are lucky to have a great job and we all work as a great team”

Jacqueline M - Care Team

“It really is so much more than a job. Doesn’t even feel like a job in fact, i’m really loving it.”

Samara - Care Team


Majestik Home Care is currently recruiting for both short and long-term carers, throughout Northern Ireland.

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